‘dyan sa puso mo (What’s in your heart)

First of all, forgive the pun. Second, thank you for visiting this blog site. I have my personal reasons for setting this up; if you’re not interested in knowing,  go ahead with the other “fun” sections ~ there’s food, travel, and culture ~ but if you are, then read on.

dyansapusomo began as a Twitter handle around my third year in college. As my name is Dyan, this was primarily intended as a pun – me in your heart, translated literally. It is me trying to share my own insights and maybe try to disturb your own thoughts. That after a few simple words, a conversation would start. I guess it’s also signifies my being open to communication having been shy and lacking confidence in myself before college started.

Having recently graduated,  I would like dyansapusomo to mean “What’s in your heart”.

Moving forward after college at Ateneo de Manila University, I’ve been confused, excited, and sad – sometimes all at the same time. It really is unhealthy. Added to my confusion on where I really want to go and what I want to do is being back where I was born and raised in – Baguio City. In this blog, you’ll be able to join me in my ventures as I try new restaurants, travel a little, and appreciate the arts in my hometown and beyond. I could say that I’m looking at the city I’ve known for more than 20 years with a new set of lens.

We tend to throw the idea of doing what’s in your heart as a cliche, which may even be too influenced with societal pressures. So I want to ask you, the person on the other end of the screen, to take this journey with me as I find myself and maybe you can find yourself as well.

with love,



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